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In this martial art project Intelligent Design incorporated the concept of energy flow with  designing the interiors to create a place where individuals can exercise their mind, body and spirit. And can engage in learning self discipline, self defense and confidence in a competitive and inspiring environment. In the space planning approach, Intelligent Design created a non symmetrical space allowing free individual to move within free space. Each space serves a purpose and assures specific individual needs that flow together to create a cohesive martial art experience.


The main activity space in the facility is the studio space, and the selection of lighting, finish and material in this space play a key role in particular. It needed to be well lit for practice, and in some occasion, dimmed for special martial art performance. Therefore, the lighting in the space consists of natural light, and recessed ceiling lighting. This allows projector media for teaching and punching bags to be clipped onto the ceiling, and prevent any obstruction of practice.

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