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In this church project, Intelligent Design needed to consider and integrate many preliminary aspects into the final design. The church’s design criteria were to enhance the overall experience of the congregation. And to facilitate the building for worship, education, fellowship and administration proposes. The solution was to create easy access from the lobby, library, class room, break room and offices in to the sanctuary. Which successfully accommodate the diverse function of the church’s congregation. In addition to the aesthetic design and functional spaces, Intelligent Design needed to ensure that the project is in full compliance with building codes and regulations. 


During the consultation process, Intelligent Design provided professional input to create the best possible results on how to design a church that is not just aesthetically pleasing. But also integrates relevant architectural and technological design to the mission of the congregation. Intelligent Design worked closely with the client from start to finish so that every aspect of the architectural design meets the client’s specifications. And in order to support that, Intelligent Design needed to provide detailed architectural and engineering plans and drawings.

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