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About Our Services

The following is a list of just some of the projects that Intelligent Design has successfully completed. Please remember that we are not limited to the above list. We welcome new types of projects and expansion of our experience.

• Restaurants

• Entertainment establishment

• Churches

• Retails

• Grocery stores

• Apartments

• Game rooms

• Bakeries

• Hotel lobbies

• Spas

• Gyms

• Offices

• Learning center

• Sport bars

• Day cares

• Health care

• Physical therapy

• Pet Clinic

• Lounges/Bars

• Coffee shops

• Beauty salon

• Ball rooms

• Warehouses

• Night clubs

• Fire rescue station

• Shopping centers

• Assisting livings

• Residences

• Beach houses

• Mobile homes

• Container homes

• Barns


Intelligent Design provides the following design and engineer services.



In the initial phase of the project discussion, Intelligent Design shall discuss the goals, requirements and functionality of the project. This discussion shall also include design options, budget availability and relevant building codes and zoning regulations. In light of the materials and construction cost of the project, Intelligent Design shall discuss with the project owners several design approaches in order to reach a realistic budget for the project. Following this initial dialog, Intelligent Design shall produce an outline of the scope of the project.


Schematic Design

Intelligent Design shall provide initial design sketches, and elaborate on the overall scope of the project, proposed building materials, and preliminary budget related to the design. Refinement of the initial drawings shall be made until the design concept is approved by the owner.


Design Development and Construction Documents

Intelligent Design shall prepared detailed drawings, and finalize the design of the project. The drawings shall include all needed design plans, construction documents, construction specifications and materials that will be used in the project. Intelligent Design shall also provide mechanical electrical and plumbing drawings, and structural engineer drawings and civil engineer drawings.


Plan Expediting

Intelligent design shall submit the drawings to the City or County and shall be involved in expediting the permitting process from start to finish, until building permits are obtained.



When selecting a contractor for the construction project. Intelligent Design can assist in recommending a contractor for the project, or choose a contractor of their own. Intelligent Design can also assist the owner in reviewing bids and estimates based on the construction documents.


Construction Phase

Intelligent Design can assist in keeping the project on track and within budget. It shall observe the quality and pace of the construction. It shall also keep the owner inform on the project’s progress, and watch over any changes or problems that may arise.

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