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In this project Intelligent Design carefully blended the idea of style and function to create a welcoming well planned hotel lobby. This lobby is not only a passageway from the outside world to the guest rooms. But also an environment where guest are encouraged to stop, linger, socialized and relax. In the space planning strategy, Intelligent Design created zones that seamlessly flow together to create cohesive experience. Each zone serves a purpose and fulfills specific guest needs.


The space includes the traditional check-in/reception area and concierge stand, but it also includes spaces like a gym, restaurant and conference room where traveler and guest are invited to convene, dine and do their work on their lap top. Another key element in encouraging social gathering in the space is the selection of furniture. Its style, arrangement and configuration created a dynamic environment allowing guest to move freely from one space to another and invite them to mingle with one another.

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