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In this Italian Restaurant, Intelligent Design incorporated a warm, cozy and welcoming ambiance design with traditional savory Italian flavor. The main design is focus the attention on the center piece of the space, an authentic Italian brick oven pizza. It is warming the space and providing an extension of the kitchen to the adjacent dining spaces. Guest seat near the open pizza kitchen are served with extra level of entertainment as the chef lay out and prepared their food and handcrafting pizza in the old traditional manner.


This combination of delicious food and simple but stylish atmosphere that is appropriate for a more casual style of eating have proven to be success. In order to allow an efficient traffic flow and accommodating more costumers. Diners have free movement from one space in to another through out the restaurant. They step in directly from the entrance into the dining room, and maintained visual connection with the rest of the spaces. In order to accentuate the openness of the space, material are left exposed in their natural beauty, and elements of the interior construction is often juxtaposed  with the restaurant newly crafted items. 


Through the innovative use of the space, texture light and transparency, diners can enjoy an ambiance that subconsciously make the food taste better and more savory. During lunch time the dining space is filled with natural light from the north facing windows. And in the evening time drop lights are arranged above each table to intimately lighten the table area and food.

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